Our solution delivers clinical insights across your health system through three offerings.

iQ3™ Probe

Experience iQ3, our handheld, whole-body probe that unlocks imaging throughout the care journey.

Compass™ Software.

Discover Compass™, our integrated, device-agnostic ultrasound software solution.

Client Experience.

Explore our Client Experience offering, delivering the people and services that bring your program to life.

The future of ultrasound-at-scale.


Ultrasound is the wave of the future. Learn to surf.

A conversation including Butterfly’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Martin, on making ultrasound work, from device applications and care settings to implementation, to user management and training.

Bedside ultrasound for fast, accurate assessment.

Davinder Ramsingh, MD, Butterfly’s Vice President of Clinical Research & Development shares why point-of-care ultrasound should be the standard for lung assessment across all specialties.

Paving the way to pocket size diagnostic support.

Butterfly’s Chief Medical Officer, John Martin, MD and Nick van Terheyden, MD discuss how Butterfly makes imaging accessible, improves provider training and clinical care, and enhances diagnostic consistency.


URMC partnership.

Learn how we're deploying ultrasound at scale with URMC.


Ultrasound at the point of care.

Read ECRI's coverage of how hospitals should prepare for this growing use case.

Medical education

The clinicians of tomorrow are learning handheld ultrasound, today.

American College of Emergency Physicians®

Emergency Medicine

“Healthcare clinical point-of-care ultrasound programs...should be supported with resources for leadership, quality improvement, training, hardware and software.”


Internal Medicine

“Broad and rapid uptake underscores the need for medical school and residency programs to better prepare their trainees for POCUS in postresidency careers.”

ASRA Pain Medicine


“POCUS is a critical skill for all regional anesthesiologists and pain physicians to help diagnose relevant complications related to routine practice and guide perioperative management.”

American Academy of Family Physicians

Family Practice

“Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is the biggest advance in bedside diagnosis since the advent of the stethoscope 200 years ago…”

—2022 AAFP Guidelines for Family Medicine Residency Programs

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