Meet iQ.

Whole body imaging. Under $2k.

“This blows up the entire ultrasound playing field”
Dr. J. Christian Fox
Director Instructional Ultrasound, UC Irvine School of Medicine
“High-quality, single-transducer ultrasound will transform emergency care”
Dr. Mike Stone
Co-Founder, Ultrasound Leadership Academy
“It will revolutionize how we think about ultrasound”
Dr. John Kendall
Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Denver Health Medical Center
“To do it all with one probe is amazing. I would carry it in my pocket”
Dr. Erik Deede
Emergency Medicine, Metrowest Medical Center

One probe.

Superficial to deep.
Anytime, anywhere, anyone.

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Ultrasound on a chip.

Medical imaging meets
semiconductor engineering.

Meet the technology behind iQ.
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