The future of ultrasound for Global Health.

“In a world rife with healthcare disparities yet replete with innovation, there is no longer an excuse for the lack of diagnostic imaging in resource-limited settings. POCUS [point-of-care ultrasound] has changed the landscape.”

— Dr. Nahreen AhmedDivision of Critical Care
University of Pennsylvania

Maximize your impact in resource-limited settings.

Butterfly iQ+ is designed to dramatically expand the capabilities of practitioners working outside of hospitals in developed areas.
Collect advanced imaging, perform rapid assessments, and guide critical procedures no matter where you are. Share images seamlessly with doctors across the globe for help reading and interpreting scans. Use Butterfly Education tools to empower the next generation of local practitioners.

Sustainable access.

Global Health organizations are looking for tools that can help them build sustainable healthcare programs in limited-resource settings.
TeleGuidance allows an experienced sonographer to remotely guide and train less-experienced clinicians.
Our in-app and desktop education platform provides modules that teach key clinical applications of POCUS. Don’t just deliver impact; nurture long-lasting transformation.

iQ in Nairobi, Kenya.

See how TeleGuidance on iQ has helped bring sustainable, accessible prenatal imaging to a new community.

Frontline Care.

Identify differentials for fever, shortness of breath, and abdominal trauma with iQ+—and make quicker care decisions in limited-resource settings.

“From pediatric pneumonia in the mountains of rural Uganda, to maternal health in inner-city Nairobi, and now multifaceted virtual education of MDs in Yemen, Butterfly iQ plays a frontline role with Bridge to Health and our partners in democratizing diagnostics and empowering local healthcare providers to get the right diagnosis.”

— Dr. William CherniakFounder, Bridge to Health

iQ in Matamoros, Mexico.

See how iQ is creating emergency-medicine breakthroughs at the border.

Improving maternal health.

Access to antenatal care is shockingly unequal globally¹, as well as within the USA². Studies have demonstrated the improvement in clinical management, treatment determination and procedural application that can be made with local adoption of POCUS³.
POCUS empowers local practitioners to detect breech position and multiple gestations; this alone significantly impacts both maternal and fetal well-being.

“A factor contributing massively to maternal fetal mortality rates is postpartum hemorrhage. Using Butterfly iQ to identify at-risk mothers and facilitate crucial prenatal care is life-saving, and exponentially impactful.”

— Dr. Nahreen AhmedDivision of Critical Care
University of Pennsylvania

Interview with Dr. Noel Strong.

Dr. Noel Strong is a maternal fetal medicine specialist and an assistant professer at Mount Sinai School of Medicine who is on the Saving Mothers’ medical team.

A probe designed for you.

Extreme portability.

Fits in your pocket for transport to the most remote care sites.

Improved battery life, durability¹.

Focus on your patients—not on probe integrity and readiness.

Mission mode.

Access POCUS offline for extended periods. You’ll never need to chase an internet connection.

Educational modules.

Instant access to over 135 educational videos covering novice to advanced POCUS applications.

Whole-body scanning in 1 probe.

Whole-body imaging to cover a wide range of POCUS applications. High-yield clinical applications for limited resource settings.

Cloud ecosystem.

Remote Image Review. TeleGuidance. Image Collaboration. AI Tools.


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Frequently asked questions.

I have an exciting Global health project. How do I share this with Butterfly?

Please fill out the Global Health form on our contact page. We will review your project and get back to you within 3 weeks.

If I’m accepted into the Global Health program, what commitments do I have?

If your project is chosen, you will be asked to submit photos and videos of the Butterfly iQ in use. These assets may be used for marketing purposes to highlight your inspiring work and bring awareness to the masses.

Global Health

We have developed the Butterfly iQ as a tool to enable access to medical imaging in the far corners of the world, but we cannot do it alone. Our Butterfly Global Health partners are dedicated to creating sustainable healthcare in low resource areas. They are the ones on the ground at the last mile, delivering clinical care, setting up ultrasound training programs, and helping those in need. Learn more about some of our Global Health Partners below, and be sure to get involved.

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