Compass Technical Details


Data encryption
Data in transit (HTTPS TLS 1.3)
Data at rest (AES-256)
SSO integration via SAML 2.0
QR code expedited login
MDM application control and restrictions
Audit logs
Custom defined permissions
Configurable application timeout

Cloud Architecture.

Unlimited, compliant storage based on your region’s data privacy requirements
Regional data storage
Service redundancy and auto-scaling
Managed backups, restoration, and audit logs


HIPAA / HITECH compliant
SOC II type 2 audited
GDPR ready*
*Data region compliance in any region that we serve


Integration with any DICOM enabled ultrasound system
DICOM modality worklist support
PACS and VNA integration
Store and forward capabilities
Configurable field mapping
EMR Integration
HL7 results in EMR
ADT or FHIR* for patient demographics
*EPIC only
Message transformations


Encounter based (orderless) workflow
Orders based workflow
Configurable exam routing
Customized procedure note templates
Mobile and web user experience


Attestation requested
Exam QA reviewed
Study commented

Exam Reporting.

Scalable, intuitive search
Data exports
Analytics and user status

Data Integrity.

Configurable workflow validations based on exam


Embedded CPT codes in ORU to enable billing
Workflow validations to ensure proper documentation

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