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Deploying a Cloud-Based, Enterprise Imaging Engine

Leveraging partners to scale your IT infrastructure.

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In the modern medical ecosystem, technology is critical to advancing patient care. However, adding new technologies can cost valuable funding, time and resources. In particular, electronic medical record (EMR) implementations often take 3+ years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.1

When thinking about ultrasound performed at bedside, it’s essential that clinicians are able to focus on the actual exam and information generated, rather than the infrastructure & management of the supporting technology. In this whitepaper, learn how a cloud-based ultrasound system can help.

This white paper will cover:

  • The agility, scaling, and speed benefits that a cloud-based ultrasound system can bring
  • How moving to a cloud-based system can offload a significant portion of implementation and resource burden from the health care system
  • Details on Butterfly's cloud-based ultrasound management solution and how it has been engineered to transform integration into medical networks

Read this white paper to see how a cloud-based ultrasound system optimizes the clinical workflow and as a result, improve patient care.

1. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/ehrs/12-ehr-implementations-that-cost-over-100m.html