Care Delivery of the Future: Digital Health Empowered by Ultrasound.

Learn what opportunities for immediate advancements can be made through leveraging ultrasound for the hospital of the future.

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Digital health is rapidly evolving the way we provide care. Evaluating and adopting new technology is critical for hospital executives and administrators to ensure that their facilities are providing the best care for their communities. In this webinar from Butterfly’s session at Modern Healthcare’s “The Hospital of the Future” virtual briefing, Dr. John Martin, Chief Medical Officer at Butterfly Network, is joined by Adam Willmann, CEO at Goodall-Witcher Hospital.

They’ll cover:

  • What kinds of clinical information can be made simpler and more accessible by bedside ultrasound
  • How collecting and leveraging ultrasound information can foster timely clinical decision-making
  • Strategies on rolling out point-of-care ultrasound at your hospital

Watch the webinar to see what opportunities for immediate advancements can be made by leveraging ultrasound for the future of care.