Empower your medical students with tomorrow’s stethoscope.

Seeing is knowing. Medical assessment and education, transformed.

Medical schools across the country are providing a Butterfly iQ+ to each of their incoming students.

Point-of-care ultrasound is becoming the standard of care in clinical practice. It’s time it becomes the standard of medical education.


The transformative value of ultrasound in the hands of students.

of student scans resulted in a change in management.1
of student scans resulted in discovery of a new diagnosis.1
of the time, student scans lowered time to disposition.1

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iQ+ Probe

One probe. Whole-body imaging.

Butterfly iQ+ leverages Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology to bring imaging into everyday assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Client Experience

Tailored support for developing your ultrasound curriculum.

Get expert guidance at every turn, from curriculum development to implementation and clinical support.

Butterfly Education

Yes, you can ultrasound.

Support students with in-app video tutorials and tailored courses from Butterfly Academy™.

Butterfly Compass™ Software

Every student scan,
in one place.

Intuitive, streamlined ultrasound software.

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