NYAGI (acronym for: Now You Are the Group’s Interest) represents that pregnant woman living in remote areas without access to prenatal ultrasound services. Every two minutes, a mother somewhere dies of pregnancy complications, the weekly equivalent of 10 fully occupied 747 jumbo jets crashing with no survivors. Most of these deaths are avoidable and occur in isolated communities.

To help prevent these unnecessary deaths, Nyagi focuses on ultrasound education. Its founder, award-winning educator and physician Cliff Gronseth, M.D., recognized that emerging medical technology such as the Butterfly was making ultrasound services more affordable, portable and user-friendly.  He saw a need and an opportunity to create and implement an efficient model for teaching basic ultrasound skills with unprecedented potential for improving healthcare and saving lives in underserved areas of the world.

Our commitment

We can’t do this alone.

Apply to become part of our Global Health Program and we’ll subsidize the annual membership fees. We are looking for individuals and organizations who are excited to work with us to push our mission forward.