Ultrasound reinvented again to support better care at the bedside.

Butterfly iQ+ for versatile, whole-body patient assessment at the bedside.

Speed and versatility at the bedside.

A single probe that plugs into your mobile device, to support procedure guidance and narrow differentials in just a few minutes.

Vascular access procedures.

The use of ultrasound is widely accepted to promote safe and accurate insertion of vascular devices and is supported by many professional organizations for vascular access procedures1. Butterfly iQ+ Needle Viz™ makes it easier to identify the needle, providing the necessary control for difficult placements.

Now with the world’s first POCUS Biplane Imaging™, clinicians can see the short and long axis of their needle simultaneously in real-time. Clinicians now have the ability to see both in-plane and out-of-plane on screen during peripheral IV access, radial cannulation, central line placement, and more.

Auto Bladder Volume calculation2 in less than 4 seconds.

The ability to quickly measure a patient’s bladder volume at the bedside can help support intervention and admission decisions. With the Auto Bladder volume tool, clinicians can objectively calculate bladder quantity in mLs at the bedside.

Butterfly iQ+ acquires a 3D sweep, auto-calculates, and renders the volume in three dimensions – all in seconds. The visual representation can aide in patients' understanding of their condition, empowering them with information and improving patient satisfaction.

Rapid assessment of heart function.

Focused bedside rapid TTE has been shown to accurately detect significant cardiovascular pathology and directly impact perioperative management3. Utility includes assessment of global cardiac function, as well as point-of-care shock assessment.

Demonstration of gross pericardial effusion, reduced ejection fraction, or enlarged LV are examples of impactful, straightforward findings.

Lung evaluation.

Butterfly iQ+ gives clinicians the ability to quickly assess lung status by the bedside. With a dedicated preset that optimizes imaging with depth and real-time Lung Protocol, iQ+ provides segment-by-segment guidance and helps increase rapidity of frontline patient assessment.

With M-Mode, iQ+ supports clinician investigation for differentials for dyspnea, including COVID-19, right at the bedside.

“The Butterfly Auto Bladder feature gives me the information I need to help guide important catheterization decisions, which can directly impact decisions regarding secondary care admission and patient discharge orders.”

– Harriet Howgill

Acute Medicine RN
The Royal Berkshire Hospital UK


Clinical evidence.

American Journal of Medicine

Bedside imaging changes critical patient management decisions in up to 37% of patients.

Read article

The Journal of the Association for Vascular Access

The use of ultrasound is now widely accepted to promote safe and accurate insertion of vascular devices, and is supported by many professional organizations for vascular access procedures.

Read article

The Lancet

Ultrasound guidance has been shown to improve vascular access success rate, decrease time required for access and increase in patient satisfaction.

Read article

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Dr. Gordon Johnson

Bedside imaging has been shown to change patient management decisions in up to a third of patients. When called to the bedside, often in an emergent situation, having a whole-body imaging tool in your pocket to answer questions quickly can be critical. Dr. Gordon Johnson shares his experience on how POCUS influences his bedside care patient management.

+More than
you imagined

New Biplane Imaging™ Advanced Mode and Needle Viz™ technology.

Makes it easier to identify the needle and get the control needed for difficult peripheral vascular access. It is now possible to see the short and long axis of your needle in real-time, during joint injections, soft tissue interventions, PIV and more.

Longer battery life, more durability1.

Enables you to focus more on patients, and less on probe integrity and readiness.

Smaller probe face2.

Allows you to get the views they need to perform FAST exams, intercostal cardiac assessment and other exams where access is needed in tight spaces.

Sharp cardiac & lung imaging3.

Enables you to get the insights they need for critical cardiac and lung assessments, including assessment of myocardial border, cardiac apex, and lung artifacts.

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