Confidently monitor maternal and foetal health throughout the care continuum.

An integrated, handheld solution supporting ovarian and uterine exams, foetal development tracking, labour and delivery triage, and more.


Foster patient trust and provide more informed care at the bedside.

Provide the big picture of foetal development.

Measure foetal biometrics, AFI and more—even in challenging cases. Save more time for patient visits with reports that are automatically generated and attached to exams.

Detect complications at the point of care.

Identify ovarian cysts and abscesses with a dedicated preset optimised for gynecological applications.

Our solution evolves over time to keep you on the forefront of care.

We regularly update our software with new imaging capabilities and workflow optimisations to better serve applications across the OB/GYN health spectrum.
That’s the power of the Butterfly Pro membership.


Clinical evidence.

Novel care models

In response to COVID-19, a drive-through prenatal care model was developed in which pregnant women would remain in their cars while being assessed by the health care professional, thus reducing potential patient, health care professional, and staff exposure to COVID-19.

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POCUS in OB/GYN: a Validation Study

In a Clinical study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Butterfly iQ+ proved correlative to cart-based ultrasound machines in obstetrics.

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Obstetric anaesthesia

The team at Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven discuss the role of Butterfly iQ in the complex environment of obstetrics. With high incidence of adult congenital heart disease and increased cardiovascular risk factors, they discuss the value and potentially improved maternal outcome of whole body POCUS in standard obstetric practice.

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Butterfly iQ in Nairobi, Kenya.

See how TeleGuidance™ on iQ has helped bring sustainable, accessible prenatal imaging to a new community.

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The future of ultrasound is here.

Long battery life. Durable hardware.

Enables you to focus more on patients, and less on probe integrity and readiness.

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