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Butterfly Education

Meeting you where you are on your ultrasound journey.

Butterfly Academy

A library of courses that can be assigned and tracked by administrators or completed by clinicians at their own pace.

In-App Education

Hundreds of expert-led educational videos at your fingertips, ranging from basic technique to advanced imaging.

On-Demand Education

Webinars, case studies, and publications. Ongoing education when you want it.

Butterfly Academy™

Yes, you can ultrasound.

Butterfly Academy™ is a curated library of assignable, trackable courses that meet clinicians where they are on their POCUS journey.

Ready from the start.

Butterfly Academy is ready to be deployed from day one. Once courses are assigned, your clinicians be fully equipped to continue their ultrasound education.


Instruction is multi-faceted and engaging, building core competencies from the ground up and allowing all users to complete courses at the right pace for them.

Credential clinicians.

Assign any of the 21 courses to specific clinicians, building curricula customized for specialty and experience level. Track enrollee progress to facilitate team-wide POCUS adoption and comfort.
In-App Education

Education at your fingertips.

Access hundreds of quick how-to videos without leaving the Butterfly app.

Novice scanner

Start with the fundamentals.

Kickstart your POCUS educational journey with our library of videos dedicated to helping you feel confident while scanning with your iQ+.

Novice Scanner educational videos
Intermediate scanner

Boost your confidence.

For those who already know scanning fundamentals, build upon your skills by learning basic techniques for a particular specialty or clinical application.

Intermediate scanner educational videos
Advanced scanner

Accelerate your learning.

See how to integrate POCUS into your practice with videos that demonstrate a variety of patient assessments.

Advanced scanner educational videos
On-Demand Education

Never stop learning.

Continue building your ultrasound expertise with on-demand webinars, case studies, and clinical research available when you need it.


Butterfly hosts a series of webinars for healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, and leadership to learn more about the use of Butterfly in different care settings. Each webinar features experts from a variety of specialties and care venues, with topics ranging from clinical application to healthcare administration to deployment of ultrasound at scale.

Case Studies

A library of specialty and care setting specific case studies from experts in point-of-care ultrasound. Key topics include patient stories, the role of POCUS in clinical decision making, and the value of ultrasound in various healthcare systems.


A collection of clinical research on the value of point-of-care ultrasound. Read more about how POCUS is proving its ability to advance care.

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