For all the ways you care

The new bladder scanner from Butterfly.

Accurate bladder volume. Confident PIV guidance. One durable, affordable tool.

Your work is complicated.

Bladder scanning
should be simple.


Get automated bladder volume calculations, with 3D visualisations, in seconds—with a device that can automatically populate patient charts.

For challenging vascular access,

Place lines with confidence.


NeedleViz™ technology enables on-screen needle highlighting, for more control during difficult line placements (complicated by obesity, dehydration or IV drug use). The world’s first and only POCUS Biplane Imaging™ allows for simultaneous visualisation of the long and short axis, for ultimate precision. Enable easier line placements and greater clinical confidence.

Streamline care.

Place devices around your department or hospital to help minimise the time clinicians spend searching and patients spend waiting.

Give your team the reliability it deserves.

iQ+ Care features a waist-length drop tested and water/dust resistant probe*. Save time and money with a device you won’t have to repeatedly replace.

Implement with confidence.

iQ+ Care is designed to help facilitate implementation. In-app bladder scanning tutorials are available to help instill confidence in your team, while the Butterfly Cloud can seamlessly connect to your existing electronic health record software.

Device compatibility.

Please see the list of compatible devices here.

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