Whole-body imaging for fast tear and fracture assessment—in the clinic or on the sideline.

An integrated imaging solution to support injury detection and guided interventions — anytime, anywhere.


Deliver cutting-edge care with Butterfly iQ+.

Start treatment at the first visit.

Advanced imaging features that can  inform diagnoses and interventions for conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Provide comprehensive care.

iQ+ can help you identify the cause of pain and clarify treatment plans within the walls of your clinic.

Engage patients and build trust.

Butterfly iQ+ helps you guide nerve blocks, regenerative procedures and PRP injections with precision, allowing you to build trust with your patients.

“Point-of-care ultrasound is cost-effective, easy to learn, and can be rapidly performed by a physician on the sideline. Butterfly iQ+ is immediately accessible for fast investigation of athletes with a suspected fractures and soft tissue injuries, and can accurately determine who can be managed conservatively versus those who require expedited care”

– Courtney Hintz, MD

Sports Medicine Physician | Medical Director Special Warfare Operational Medicine Squadron JBSA-Lackland, Chapman Training Annex

– Emily Miller, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor | UCLA Division of Sports Medicine Depts. Of Family Medicine & Orthopaedics Assistant Team Physician | UCLA Athletics


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Ask an expert

Dr. Garry Ho shares how ultrasound has transformed his MSK practice.

“Nine times out of ten, my patients are getting an ultrasound in the clinic...it’s a real game-changer.”

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The future of ultrasound is here.

Long battery life. Durable hardware.

Enables you to focus more on patients, and less on probe integrity and readiness.

Needle Viz™ technology.

Needle Viz™ technology makes it easier to identify the needle and get the control needed during in-plane guided procedures, such as regional nerve blocks.

Sharp cardiac & lung imaging.

Allows the you to get the insights they need for regional anaesthesia and beyond such as cardiopulmonary and gastric contents assessment.

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