Ultraschall in der Veterinärmedizin

Dr. Richard Markell diskutierte mit Experten auf dem Gebiet der Veterinärmedizin über den aktuellen Stand, die Rolle von Technologie und telemedizinischen Leistungen und die Trends, die die Zukunft der Veterinärmedizin beeinflussen werden.

Watch this webinar and hear industry experts discuss the path forward for veterinary practice. Topics included:

  • One Health: What has society learned about the relationship between human and animal health during COVID-19?
  • The Path Forward: How will the changed working conditions have long-term impacts on veterinary practices?
  • Technology and Telehealth: What have we learned and how can we move forward to improve access to patients?
  • Pet Care: How can we ensure pets receive essential preventative care during challenging economic situations?