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Introducing the new iQ3.

Meet our easiest-to-use POCUS device with the sharpest image quality, rapid data processing, real-time AI, advanced imaging tools, user-centric ergonomics, and outstanding scan time.

Why choose Butterfly?

Transforming point-of-care ultrasound.

Butterfly transforms patient care, empowering you to seamlessly integrate ultrasound into daily assessments, diagnoses, and treatments. Our whole-body probes pair effortlessly with cutting-edge AI, workflow management software, and a 360° education suite to provide you with the holistic POCUS solution that meets your needs.

For your assessment. For your diagnosis. For clinicians. For hospitals.

For better healthcare.


An ultrasound solution for your individual practice.

Medical education

An ultrasound solution built for medical education.

World’s first

semiconductor-based, whole-body ultrasound.

Largest install base in POCUS by 
market share with
customers around the world.1

Education Platform for novice and experienced ultrasound users.


Global health partners


Health Systems


Medical Schools



Hear what the professionals say

“One of the biggest changes in medicine within the last 5 years.”

Dr. Jacques Courseault Director, 

Tulane Hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Clinic

Hear what the professionals say

“Centralizing the ultrasound software and delivery into a single platform is so important, to ensure that we can provide for all patients in rural areas, as well as in the academic center.”

Dr. Aalap Shah
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina

Hear what the professionals say

“Is it truly rare and infrequent that something this bold and this remarkable comes along to mark a sea change across virtually every field of medicine.”

Dr. Amy J. Goldberg
FACS, Interim Dean, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University

Hear what the professionals say

“Butterfly iQ+ is the first where I'm able to have it in my pocket for the entire shift. I can focus on getting to the sick undifferentiated patient, and start to do my evaluation. I don't have time to wait for x-rays and CT scans.”

Dr. Haney Mallemat
ED Intensivist and Assistant Professor Cooper University Healthcare, New Jersey

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