Version 1.26
December 14, 2020

New Enterprise study management features

Introducing study restrictions, tagging, and secondary authors to support your institution’s clinical workflows. Available exclusively to Butterfly Enterprise members.

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Study Restrictions

Custom restrictions for every archive.

With study restrictions, you can easily configure each Butterfly Cloud archive to ensure that studies have complete documentation before finalization. This can help with ensuring rigorous data quality and facilitating reimbursement at scale. Please note that only administrators can set study restrictions.

Study tagging

Easily organize and search for studies.

Study tagging allows you to easily categorize, organize, and search for studies throughout your organization’s archives. Study tags can be added or removed from both draft and finalized studies. Administrators can also configure custom tags for the organization.

Secondary study authors

Credit where credit is due.

We understand how important receiving credit for study authoring is to fulfilling credentialing requirements. Secondary study authors allow for multiple authors to receive credit for a single study.

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