FAMUS training at scale:

Wessex Deanery's Game-Changing Approach

September 14, 2023 | 5:00pm

Join us to discover the groundbreaking success story of Wessex Deanery in revolutionizing POCUS training for Internal Medicine trainees across 6 NHS Trusts. Experience their strategic approach to equip each trainee with a handheld ultrasound device, connect them with mentors through a cutting-edge cloud-based platform, and provide tailored feedback. Join us now to hear from course leaders and trainees on how their program enables trainees to achieve FAMUS/FUSIC accreditation within 6-12 months. Don’t wait and secure your spot today!

Dr Ramkrishna Ramnauth

Dr Ramkrishna Ramnauth is an AMU Consultant at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth. He possesses extensive expertise in his field and is a FAMUS lead for the Wessex region.

Dr Dominic Fudge
Respiratory/ICM/GIM ST7 Wessex Deanery

Dr Fudge is a Respiratory/ICM/GIM Registrar in Wessex. He is a FAMUS supervisor and is accredited in FUSIC Heart and RCR level 1 for Respiratory. He was previously involved in a similar innovation project in the Ministry of Defence.

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