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Basic imaging.

20+ optimized clinical presets


B (brightness) mode, is the use of grey scale imaging in ultrasound renders a two-dimensional image in which the organs and tissues of interest are depicted as points of variable brightness.

Color Doppler

Color Doppler uses standard ultrasound methods to convert Doppler sounds into colors that are overlaid on the image of the blood vessel. These colours represent the qualitative parameters of  haemodynamic behaviour and direction of blood flow through the vessel.



Unlimited Secure Storage

Scan, upload, and store all your studies in one place. Access patient studies on your phone or tablet anytime using the secure Butterfly Cloud.



Diagnostic Tools.


Pulsed-Wave Doppler

Pulsed-Wave Doppler (PWD) sends short pulses of ultrasound and analyses reflected sound waves between the pulses. This allows you to graphically view blood flow velocity measurements over time.


M-Mode, or Motion Mode is the display of a one-dimensional image that is used for analysing moving body parts commonly in cardiac and fetal cardiac imaging.

OB Calcs

Tools to enable the calculation of fetal biometrics, AFI and more.

Auto Bladder Volume Calculation

Automated bladder volume calculations with 3D visualisations in seconds.

Auto Ejection Fraction

The Simpson's Ejection Fraction tool allows you to estimate left ventricular Ejection Fraction (EF) when capturing cardiac studies from a view of the apical four chamber. Butterfly uses the Simpson’s Monoplane method to calculate the EF.

Procedural Tools.

Needle Viz™

Needle Viz (in-plane) is a tool that overlays a B-mode image optimised for visualising needles inserted at a 30-45 degree angle on top of regular B-mode.

Biplane Imaging™¹

Dual-imaging mode helps you perform intricate in-plane procedures such as vascular access, nerve blocks and musculoskeletal injections, with accuracy and control.

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