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Active studies of the role lung ultrasound can play in the management, triage, and monitoring of COVID-19 are underway. Butterfly thanks its clinical and scientific partners for their ongoing investigation.

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United States
United States

During this global pandemic, the clinical community has rallied on the front lines to target the triage and management of COVID-19. Our friends in China, Italy, and Western Europe in general have been at the forefront of clinicians around the world by sharing their experiences from the front lines so their best practices can be implemented effectively as the disease spreads.

There are no textbooks or manuals on how to manage this unprecedented volume of patients presenting with a communicable disease that is exponentially spreading across the world. As a global community, we have faced challenging epidemics and wars where capacity and resources were stretched, but the scale of this pandemic is unparalleled in the last one hundred years

Has sharing and learning from each other’s experiences ever been more important?

While our clinical colleagues work on the front lines, the scientific community is also coming together to gather data and provide insights on the pandemic. They work in partnership with clinicians to understand the issues that need to be solved and the questions that need to be answered to better manage patients, overcome disease spread, halt progression, and improve human outcomes. Looking at the problem from a range of angles, while mining data with an eye to discovering statistically significant and meaningful trends, will allow our scientific partners to adapt new insights to the changing landscape.

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We are humbled to support our partners who are uncovering answers and disseminating their insights throughout the medical community. Prospective and retrospective, longitudinal and immediate, results and trends are being uncovered as we speak.

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